The team

Egor Tokunov
General Director
Alexander Ibragimov
Brend Chef
Sergey Shegay
Boris Litvinov
Vitaly Berezhnov
Art Director
Alexey Shturmin
Chef Bartender

Customer care is our top priority.
Sincerity, the ability to hear, to suggest, to surprise, and
attention to every detail and request —
these are the elements that set the atmosphere you love so much, bit by bit.

Our team makes everything to create comfort and discipline, changing the restaurant for you. Due to the outstanding efforts, the Dream Fish can be considered one of the best restaurants in town.

Creativity, team spirit, sincerity — these are the main principles of our work. After all, when you put your heart into what you do, you always get something that energizes, inspires, and simply doubles your happiness.

ЕсIf you are close to our principles, and you are a top-class specialist in the restaurant industry — join the Dream Team! Send your application on the website, email to or
call +7 (915) 377-73-77.

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