About the restaurant

Sea halls full of miracles and mysteries…

We know at least four reasons to visit our maritime realm full of secrets, wonders and marvelous encounters.

If you can’t go visit the sea and dine on the coast with freshly caught seafood, we are here to bring the sea right to you!
We have established direct supplies of wild and sockeye salmon, as well as halibut and chinook salmon from the Far East, so that you can enjoy tender and fresh dishes whenever you wish. Also, we have large aquariums in the hall filled with shellfish, crabs, trout, sturgeon and sea urchins.

Unique gastronomical experiences

Every day, a true magic happens in the kitchen. All because our chef does not tolerate boredom and monotony and constantly on a look out for some new marine wonders. He is also not afraid to adopt techniques from all around the world.

We update our menu every week .Therefore even the most demanding and curious customers can always try something new.


Magic interior in a XIX century mansion

When style and gastronomic taste meet, a fairy tale happens. Velvet, marble, crystal, rare wood — in the softness of textures, in the alluring light, in the noble coolness you can capture a true reflection of the high attitude and respect to the gastronomy. After all, you can really feel the taste and allow yourself to set a pause in life and just enjoy the moment in the ideal atmosphere of the Dream Fish.


Wonderful atmosphere and live music

Whether it’s a relaxing Friday or Saturday music night, a fun Wednesday evening out or an atmospheric Thursday business lunch, you will always feel comfortable and welcomed.

Each and every one of our guests will be pleased — we have a comfortable children’s area, a stage for live performances, a large screen for broadcasts and a VIP room for those who want to seclude themselves.


If you have not already discovered our endless marine fairy tale, then hurry up: seasonal delicacies will not be here forever!