The Dream Catering

The Dream Catering The Dream Fish restaurant is offering the Dream Catering – all from scratch!

You can get a top-notch service, an exclusive menu, and an entertainment program anywhere in Moscow or the Moscow region!

Five reasons to choose us
The Dream Catering will give you an unforgettable experience: excellent service, a rich entertainment program, an exclusive selection of wines, and an opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood and marvelous dishes from the restaurant’s chef Alexander Ibragimov. We are ready to take into account all of your wishes and make them a reality, using our vast experience.

Top-Notch Service

Wish to be worry free? Want everything to go smoothly from start to finish? We will organize everything just the way you want!

The service of your event will be carried out under our strict guidance and by the best waiters and chefs the Dream Fish can offer. And it will not leave you disappointed.

Alexander Ibragimov’s outstanding cuisine.

Who doesn’t love a tasty meal? We know everything about delicious high-quality food and fashion trends in gastronomy, and we are ready to offer the most suitable menu, designed according to your wishes. Our chef Alexander Ibragimov will personally develop a menu specifically for your event.

Our food is a real innovation in the world of gastronomy and we are sure that our meals will find a way into your and your loved one’s hearts.

Rich entertainment program

We will carefully select a variety of music and entertainment programs with the best musicians, hosts and shows in Moscow for your event. Our team will be happy to help you plan and organize a high-quality and unforgettable program with an excellent sound.

Fresh seafood

Looking for fresh seafood from the Far East? Look no further! Direct deliveries of oysters, crabs, wild and sockeye salmon, halibut and chinook salmon, rainbow trout and sterlet, sea urchins, and trepangs directly to your plate. Yes, we are serious! The fresh products will give you true pleasure, filling your event with the richness of the deep sea.

Worldwide Wine Journey

Our sommelier will develop an exclusive wine card, some of which you probably have not had a chance to try yet. Wine degustation will be a great part of your event and will take you on a worldwide wine journey.

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