The Dream Fish restaurant

Direct deliveries of Far Eastern fish in a XIX century mansion on Balchug Island.

About the Restaurant

Alexandr Seleznev, a true maestro, a great tamer of the deep sea, is waiting to prove that you don’t know everything about the seafood yet.

About our chef

The tenderness of the depths

The ability to cook scallops correctly is one of the most notorious tests of a chef’s professionalism: a fried scallop should remain tender and juicy. However, if we are talking about raw serving, for example, crudo, then the sauce should not overpower the taste of the sea but enhance it.

If all the rules are followed, a meeting with scallops is a separate gastro-trip. At least in Dream Fish - that’s how it is.


Murmansk Cod
– The Queen of the Northern Seas

In a truly worthy accompaniment: rice Nero Venus is akin to black pearls, a noble luxury that is hard to forget. An exquisite duet – try every day in the Dream Fish.



The Sea Dozen Fin de Claire

If you cannot say a confident YES to the oysters, then perhaps you just tried them in the wrong place and in the wrong way. The Sea Dozen Fin de Claire combined with a classic wine sauce, better known as Mignonette, or a colorful Asian Ponzu is something you can hardly forget. Even if it is not your first time trying the oysters, we are sure you will be left surprised.

The freshest products
Live music every week
VIP room with fireplace for 12 people
Own parking and Valet parking

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