About the restaurant

"Bistro Dream fish"

"Democratic Fish Spot in Smolensky Passage 2"

The design project of the Bistro was developed by the architectural design bureau 'SHAR PROJECT,' led by Sandro Sherents.
The space is designed in such a way that the premises are divided into two rooms by a partition framed with fish scales. This design solution maintains a certain level of privacy. An elegant interior incorporates an aquarium with goldfish, oysters, and sea urchins, along with hanging light fixtures shaped like fish eyes. The floor is adorned with prints of marine inhabitants, featuring hand-painted artwork.

"Dream Fish" on Smolenskaya Square is the casual version of the restaurant located on Sadovnicheskaya Street.

The culinary concept of Alexander Ibragimov revolves around a reverence for Mediterranean culinary traditions with Asian influences. Fresh seafood and wild fish are directly sourced from the Far East on a daily basis.

Prices for oyster offerings start from 240 rubles for the sweet Imperial oysters and Romarinka, known for their delicate nutty-creamy undertones and subtle sea aftertaste.


Magic interior

When style and gastronomic taste meet, a fairy tale happens. Velvet, marble, crystal, rare wood — in the softness of textures, in the alluring light, in the noble coolness you can capture a true reflection of the high attitude and respect to the gastronomy. After all, you can really feel the taste and allow yourself to set a pause in life and just enjoy the moment in the ideal atmosphere of the Dream Fish.


Convenient location...

… is equally suitable for business meetings on weekdays and family brunches on weekends. In a word, every effort has been made to make visiting Bistro Dream Fish not just occasional, but also accessible.