Chef Andrey Fedoseev is young and ambitious, he is an incorrigible innovator with a subtle sense of perfectionism. Combining modern author's approach and traditions of world cuisine, he creates amazing gastronomic masterpieces winning our guests' hearts with their taste and sophistication.

It's hard to imagine now but before starting a career as a cook Andrey did not even think about it. After graduating from high school he entered the university, choosing the path of an engineer-technologist. When a student he came to the restaurant kitchen for the first time as an ordinary employee. The life of the restaurant's backstage inspired him so much that he had no doubts - this was exactly what he wanted to devote his life to.

Since then Andrey's track record had encompassed high-profile successful projects in Smolensk and Moscow, some of which he managed from scratch. He spent the last 4 years in Vladivostok where he had been invited after his notable successes in the capital.

While honing his skills ofworking with fish and fruits of Russian seas, Andrey continued to upgrade his qualification and mastered the subtleties of French, Spanish and Danish cuisines during his internships at renowned European restaurants, including those marked with Michelin stars.

The constant desire for self-improvement is affecting Andrey's special culinary signature. Each of his recipes is distinguished by the freshness and experiment, a special approach to mixing ingredients and the exceptional naturalness of the products. The latter is given a special attention: "DreamFish seafood comes directly from the Far East and therefore has a special taste and retains its useful properties. This is the kind of product you could and should work with", says our chef.

It is impossible to create a gastronomic revolution alone, so Andrew is always open to dialogue and listens carefully to our guests preferences . In response he creates vivid tastes stemming from his undeniable talent, diligence and passion for his work.

The author's menu from Andrey Fedoseev gives a modern view on European cuisine that has a place for both Asian notes and creator's findings that can pleasantly surprise even the most sophisticated gourmet.

The main ingredient of an ideal dish is teamwork.
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